Engagement Shoot for Barry and Diana

OK we’re back to posting, “again”, so here is the post from the last draft we had sitting in the queue, which by the way is somethig we did in the early summer/spring.

April 10th (yes this is was the last time we wrote something, but we will be writing all the time now) was Barry and Diana’s engagement shoot. This is one of those jobs that are just easy, because the bride and groom-to-be are just cool people all around. We met up out in front of Nero Restaurant on Gansevoort St. down in The Village. It was a perfect day for shooting. Because it was late in the morning, the north west sides of the buildings provided the perfect shooting locations because of the shadow areas with fill light bouncing off of the opposing structures. We walked around a bit, shooting in various locations and got some really cooly shots. Here is a photo from that day…

"All you need is Love"