Well, we’re back. The team at Fitzgerald Photography is looking forward to 2010. We have our sleeves rolled up and plan on documenting all of our photography ventures. It takes a little extra, but we think we’ve built a big enough fan base to tell out stories as we go. Last year was a year of growth and we had much success getting our name out there, in both the wedding photography industry, but also The Hamptons social media scene.

In 2009, we shot for a startup Hamptons magazine as well as an array of weddings from various walks of life and social circles. We had the opportunity to provide portraits for newly engaged couples, familes vacationing in the Hamptons, Senior’s getting ready to graduate, Bar-Mitvahs, birthday parties, model and actor portfolios, and some of the hottest parties in The Hamptons. During that time we made a lot of new business acquaintences, as well as food people we consider friends.

We were, however, a little short on the details in the blog area. THis is unfortunate because we had a blast and it would have been nice to share it with the people who we like to consider “fans”. We won’t make that same mistake again, so keep checking back with us and if you notice that we haven’t posted in a little while, drop us a note; we almost alwyas have something to report on, whether it be a photography shoot, a tidbit on some equipment we acquired, or just a new technique we’ve picked up and are using in our new studio. That reminds me! We have a studio now where our clients can come and enjoy an nice relaxing shoot, or a fast paced fashion or glamour shoot with drinks, good music and an engergetic, comfortable atmosphere. So if you’ve been considering getting a professional glamour shoot, send us a note at and we’ll set it up. Or if you’re one of the many aspiring models or actors we’ve met over the past couple of years, lets reconnect and make some photographs!