about us

Located on Long Island, T.H.E. Fitzgerald Photography and its sister company Society-In-Focus primarily shoots on Long Island, however, we also do shoots in New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey, Boston, and the surrounding areas, depending on the nature of the job.

T.H.E. Fitzgerald Photography specializes in Weddings first, but also shoots other events such as graduations, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, and various parties and functions. We also provide on- location portrait photography, where we bring the studio to you. Whether it be in your living room, or your children’s sand box, we shoot anywhere and bring along professional studio lighting and equipment guaranteeing a photograph that looks like it came out of a magazine. We also do model portfolios, whether it be a fashion, editorial, or glamour. Portfolios for actors and actresses are also services we provide as we and understand the differences in the composition of each type of portfolio.

Society-In-Focus, a division of T.H.E. Fitzgerald Photography, was created to strictly focus on the event photography aspect of the business. Located in the Hamptons, we primarily shoot events, benefits, and parties in NYC and the Hamptons (year round).  We pride ourselves on quality over quantity and are looking to provide our galleries of distinctive photos in a timely manner to bona fide media outlets and the public. Individual photos and whole galleries are available for print or download with options for either personal or commercial use at competitive prices.

a little bit about the founder…

Tom Fitzgerald in front of The Lake, Central Park, NYC
Tom Fitzgerald in front of The Lake, Central Park, NYC

The founder and Chief Photographer, Tom Fitzgerald, has a unique background and experience that sets him apart from the garden variety photographer. He began taking pictures when he was 7 and hasn’t stopped since. While photography has always been a passion for him, he also attended the University of Connecticut for Computer Science and Engineering and is now a computer software engineer and has designed and written various types of software for NASA, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and a myriad of other scientific research bodies. He has spent time in Egypt and various other countries. He lived in Europe for 3 years where he absorbed the culture and gained an appreciation for the Old World while immersing himself in the New World of digital photography. He regularly attends photography events around Long Island and New York City to keep up with the changing styles, and brings to the table, the knowledge and an intrinsic understanding of digital photography that few of his peers posses. This allows him to shoot photographs with an absolute understanding of the technical aspects of what he is doing. However, this does not stop him from taking every photographic experience and learning from it. He strives to master the craft and self-admittedly, “takes something away from every shoot I go out on”.

a little bit about his sidekick…

Pamela Napoli at Carlyle on the Green
Pamela Deutchman at Carlyle on the Green

The Lead Assistant Photographer and Chief of Marketing, Pamela Deutchman, also has a background in engineering.  She has a degree in Computer Science from Boston University where she also studied photojournalism.  She possesses extraordinary thoroughness, capturing the subtle details of a wedding or event as well as the unforgettable candid moments.   Her attention to detail is unsurpassed and she has a wonderful eye for composition.  Not only does Pam work along side Tom on their photography jobs, but they worked together at a software engineering job for over seven years.  Hiring two people who work so well together all the time will ensure great results and a really fun atmosphere!


Our view of the world through a lens, one shot at a time.