Hamptons over Haiti a Success!

Omarosa Hosting Hamptons for Haiti on the Red Carpet
Omarosa on the Red Carpet

This past Saturday night, we had the pleasure of supporting the charity organization “Wings Over Haiti” by providing the main photography for the red carpet VIP area and the nighttime performances for their annual “Hamptons for Haiti” benefit.  The Event was hosted by Omarosa of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” .

When invited to shoot the event by organizer Amanda Bellino, we were more than happy to help. As most people know, last year Haiti was devastated by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake and the need for assistance has been and still is dire. Two hundred and twenty thousand victims perished and over one million people were displaced from their homes. Now that much of the immediate relief is well underway, the process of rebuilding areas affected is proving to be very difficult and time consuming. Wings Over Haiti’s founder, pilot Jonathan Nash Glynn has been instrumental in both of these efforts. After the earthquake, Jonathan used his single engine airplane to shuttle medical supplies into areas that were unreachable by larger, conventional international-aid aircraft. Risking his life during every flight, Jonathan never stopped to worry about his own safety and had to learn, in real-time, how to land on runways that were often littered with trash, debris and shrouded with dangerous blowing cross-winds, often exceeding the safety margins of the aircraft he was flying. As I spoke with Jonathan, he told me how it was only upon reflection that he realized how dangerous the missions he flew really were. The airstrips and surrounding areas were so devastated that Jonathan would have to resort to the surrounding water’s white caps to determine the crosswind direction and intensity right before landing.

Wings Over Haiti Founders Shad St. Louis, Melissa McMullan, Jonathan Nash Glynn
Wings Over Haiti Founders Shad St. Louis, Melissa McMullan, Jonathan Nash Glynn

The night of the Hamptons for Haiti benefit, we had the opportunity to meet the other founders of the organization and partners of Jonathan Nash Glynn: Melissa McMullan and Shad St. Louis. This is a great group of people that are genuinely passionate about what they are doing. There are children being given educations today that otherwise would have been only a dream if it were not for Wings Over Haiti’s dedication and efforts in the building of a school built in Croix-des-Bouquets.. We were honored to provide the photography for this event.

Red Carpet Lighting Setup For Hamptons Over Haiti
Red Carpet Lighting Setup For Hamptons Over Haiti

We started the evening by setting up our VIP red carpet shooting area (pictured here). This is where VIP’s and performers were able to have their photos taken for media release. As the night progressed, it was apparent, many people were interested in having their photo taken with the Wings Over Haiti logo board and we didn’t mind shooting anyone who was interested. This was a benefit for a great cause, so the more photos we took, the more exposure we could provide for them.

Alex Young perfoming at Hamptons Over Haiti
Alex Young Perfoming at Hamptons Over Haiti

Next came time for the main performances by the young Sag Harbor phenom Dylan Jenet Collins, local drumming group Bastards of Boom, funk/R&B singer Francois Alexander, and up and coming talent Alex Young. The night was rounded out with an amazing performance by Wyclef Jean’s sister, Melky Jean, all the while guests were dancing and having a great time supporting the cause.

Melky Jean, Mana Alexandra, Shad St. Louis, Jonathan Nash Glynn
Melky Jean, Mana Alexandra, Shad St. Louis, Jonathan Nash Glynn

The next event has not been announced yet, but we do know it may be sometime this summer.  Wherever and whenever it is, we’ll be sure to be there to capture it all. You can see the event photos by clicking here.

More photos from the Hamptons For Haiti – A Benefit for Wings Over Haiti event in Wainscott, NY at East Hampton Studios on January 15th, 2011

  • Stephen Mikhail, Alexa Winner
  • Hamptons For Haiti-East Hampton Studio-NY-Society In Focus-Event Photography-20110115200631-IMG_4755
  • Francois Alexander, Cognac Wellerlane
  • Hamptons For Haiti-East Hampton Studio-NY-Society In Focus-Event Photography-20110115200414-_MG_0039-35
  • Hamptons For Haiti-East Hampton Studio-NY-Society In Focus-Event Photography-20110115200617-IMG_4754
  • Hamptons For Haiti-East Hampton Studio-NY-Society In Focus-Event Photography-20110115200401-_MG_0038-34
  • Amanda Bellino
  • Stephen Mikhail, Alexa Winner
  • Stephen Mikhail, ??, ??
  • Stephen Mikhail
  • Hamptons For Haiti-East Hampton Studio-NY-Society In Focus-Event Photography-20110115195222-_MG_0031-27
  • Hamptons For Haiti-East Hampton Studio-NY-Society In Focus-Event Photography-20110115195209-IMG_4743
  • Stephen Mikhail, ??, ??
  • Stephen Mikhail
  • Jurgita Gendvilas, Harold Gendvilas, Lina Jokubaicyte
  • Dan Hope, Alexa Winner
  • Ruth Lapin, ??
  • Cognac Wellerlane
  • Red Carpet Lighting
  • ??, Amanda Bellino

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January Events – Hamptons for Haiti!

Hamptons for Haiti
Hamptons for Haiti

In other news, January is already pretty booked with some exciting events…we’re shooting a few weddings which are always a lot of fun, but we’re also volunteering our services for a very special event on January 15th. We have been asked to light the red carpet for the Hamptons for Haiti benefit for Wings Over Haiti!  This benefit show is taking place on January 15th, 2011 at East Hampton Studio and will be hosted by Omarosa (from The Apprentice).  Wyclef Jean’s sister, Melky Jean, will be performing along with RAM, Francois Alexander, Bastards of Boom, Alex Young, and DJ Big Drop.

We’ve been given VIP all-access passes to shoot the red carpet, backstage, side-stage area, and all the private spaces where the celebrities and artists will be mingling.  It should be a very exciting evening and hopefully the event will raise a lot of money for the Wings Over Haiti school.  For more information on the Wings Over Haiti mission or the Hamptons for Haiti benefit including times and ticket information, visit www.wingsoverhaiti.org .  Maybe we’ll see you there!

Happy New Year!

Wow can you believe 2011 is upon us already?!  First of all we want to thank everyone who worked with us and supported us in 2010.  It was a great year and 2011 is looking to be even better!

First off, we’ve been working feverishly on improving our website.  Search engine optimization work seems to have bumped us up on the Google search results and should hopefully bring us more visitors.  We are now working on adding much more content to our gallery pages.  We’ll be breaking down the wedding gallery into more specific categories and adding a ton of images for our potential customers to browse through.  Hopefully this will give everyone a better idea of the quality work we’ve produced and allow us to showcase some of our favorite images. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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