Welcome to the new Blog location!

OK, we’re moved in! We are now on WordPress and and not looking back. While Google’s Blogger provided a great interface and blog management system, it was not co-resident on our server, which created problems for our marketing on The Internet. Since the blog has just been “resurrected”, there are not many readers of it. We hope to change that this spring and summer as The Hamptons kicks into high gear and the our wedding season begins. In past years we have been “less than ambitious” in posting our blogs to people who may be interested in our services. This was not an intentional slight to our customers, but rather due the growing pains of┬á a rapidly expanding business. We had a lot of work and had to cut out what was not absolutely necessary. This year, however, we’ve added additional human resources to ensure the blog stays up to date and stories “worth a read” are posted with a consistent schedule. We’re confident our subject matter is diverse enough that most people interested in our photography will find articles that they find interesting. We will be posting articles on parties in The Hamptons, wedding work (including behind the scenes looks into how we pull it all off) , general summer events, and my favorite, stories about various equipment we use and our “reviews” of this equipment and how they perform out in the field. As usual, since this is a photography blog, I leave you with a photo I took some years back while walking through the Quogue Wildlife Refuge. For one reason or another, it’s one of my favorite still lifes from that season…

Quogue Wildlife Refuge Pond Bench
Quogue Wildlife Refuge Pond Bench

Portfolio Work

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on what’s going on with the portfolio work we’ve been doing. We’ve decided to go back into our archives and give some more consideration to photographs that were once passed over as being “good enough” to make it into our portfolio. What we’re finding is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of photos that should be seen by prospective clients and anyone just wondering what kind of photography work we do. The problem typically starts out during the selection process after a shoot; and this is a learning experience for us. From now on, while we are selecting the “proofs” from a shoot, we are going to give a wider margin of consideration for photographs to ensure we capture worthy photographs before and not long after a proofing process is over. So stay tuned, because you can expect to see the portfolio portion of the website grow by leaps and bounds over the next coming weeks. Here’s the perfect example of a photo, which “should” have been put on the website a long time ago…

New Poll

Hi everyone! Well, as promised, I’m trying to keep up to date on the blog. I find that doing it around 11PM seems to work out as this is when I can sit down and actually take the time to write out thoughtful ideas and stories about photography and the work we do. I’ve posted a poll (on the right column of the page), to get a feel for what would be most interesting to the readers. This will help me to make future articles (or photo posts) more in line with what the readers want to see. This is not to say I won’t post what I like as well, but I will keep the results of the poll in mind when deciding what to put up.

Adding to the Website Portfolio

Well it’s time to put the finishing touches on the newly formatted website. The bulk of the photos have not been uploaded yet because they must be reformatted to the new default size for this website style. The photos have to be around 9×6, or else they will occupy less room than what is provided in the photo frames. This, in our opinion, makes the sideshows come off a little odd looking whenever a non-9×6 photo is displayed. So, in the spirit of trying to make everything look as perfect as we can, we are migrating the existing photos, along with new photos from the Summer and Autumn shoots into the 9×6 format. We’ll get there, but it will just take some time.

New Website Online…

Well, it’s only been 2+ months since I’ve announced a major change to the look and feel of the main website. The main part of the site has been changed out with a new, less “dark” look with a more modern feel. I’ve also slightly modified the primary color in our logo after seeing it (the color) in an email advertisement. It really grabbed my attention when I saw it against the 80% gray (or so) background — so I copied the color ­čÖé There is still some more portions of the main website that require work. For one, the Portfolio button is missing until I get that sorted out…this weekend, promise!┬á Also, the front page slideshow currently only has about 25 photos on it, but when the site is “up to snuff”, it should have 200 or so photos. The slideshow┬áis random, so if someone sees a photo they really like, they might have to wait a while for it to come back around. I’ve done this so that the people who frequent the site will usually have new photos to look at before choosing the relevant portion of the site to navigate to. Let me know if you think it’s a bad idea! The new site was also chosen because it’s built on a newer Flash compiler that allows indexing of it’s pages by Google. This is incredibly important to us because of our SEO. It also allows for each section of the main Flash site to have individual “landing pages”. That means instead of having to go to the front page, waiting for the little “loading” icons to finish and then clicking on the site button, you can go there directly, by URL.

We are going to set up redirectors as well to make the links more intuitive. What this all boils down to is that because we are in The Hamptons and provide Wedding Photography here along with all of our other services, we want the search engines to include us when people search for these kinds of services. Historically, the search engines could NOT index the Flash based sites, so people have had to keep “Mirror HTML sites” in order to ensure the search enginers retrieve the relevant data. OK, enough of that!

Since this *is* a photography website, I’ll end the blog post today with one of my favorite photos I took this summer. It’s a photo of a model (forgot the name..dammit!) that was just walking from the VIP tent at The Hampton Classic…

Additional Domain Added

In the new world of online marketing, we’ve added a new domain to our website, photography-in-the-hamptons.com, or more typically used, www.photography-in-the-hamptons.com. This should help with our SEO campaign (technical jargon for getting more people to see you on search engines) for the Hamptons based clients that are in need of our photographic services. We plan on being out here all spring and summer long, shooting at parties, weddings and various high profile Hamptons events, so stay tuned..