Maternity Shoot Went Well…

Well, the maternity shoot with Jenny was last week and turned out to be an excellent learning experience. I didn’t have a lot of time last weeknd, or the week prior to prepare, so I had to go into it with what I knew from memory of other maternity shots I’ve seen over the years.

Jenny’s apartment had a couple of nice shooting locations. There was a couch by the front window that still had a 7:00PM setting Sun shining through and the bedroom with a nice white, semi-matte finished bed spread. For the background in the bedroom I used a heavy white sheet that I have in one of my kit containers to cover the wall and give it a more continuous color flow.

For the window shots, I used my Canon 24-105L/F4 USM IS lens because I knew Jenny would keep very still and needed the IS for the low shutter speeds of 1/20s down to 1/6s at ISO 100. This allowed me to expose for the front of Jenny’s face and which gave the window blown out highlights, which is what I was looking for. Here is sample photo…

For the bedroom, it was a little trickier. I wanted to get both side lighting shots, as well as shots that had a lot of ambient light. For the side lighting, I had Jenny’s friend hold my large reflector with the gold covering off to the side about 3-5 feet away. This worked most of the time, but other times, the angle was a bit off so the shot was a throw away. For this, and the above lighting, I used a soft box attached to the 430EX Speedlite. This box creates a larger light source and has a white reflective card on the back of it to throw some fill/catch light onto the subject. Below is a sample of that.

All in all it went very well and I am pleased with the results. Jenny was very happy with how the photos turned out. The only regret is not doing more research on maternity poses before hand, as these are specialized poses designed to minimize the added weight, yet allow for the stomach area to be in an appropriate composition. I had to kind of “wing it” and draw from memory the best I could. I also played it by ear and went with what looked good through the viewfinder and it seemed to pay off.

Maternity shoot today

Well today I will be shooting with Jenny. She wants to do a maternity shoot and this will be my first one. I’m a little limited on my equipment, I only have a 430EX speedlight, reflector and some other light modification items. Also the shoot is in her apartment where she is in the middle of moving, so we will have to get creative on where we will shoot, kind of a play it by ear situation; I’m psyched thought as that can be a good thing as it prepares you on how to think on the spot and in photography, that is an invaluable skill. More to come on this with some photos…

T-Storms in the Northeast

This past weekend was crazy weather. We had near 100 degree temperatures followed by a cold front that pushed in thunder storms with 80 MPH winds. Brian and I had just come out of Panera Bread near Springfield, MA when I spotted this thunder storm cloud right after sunset…

(see if you can spot the skull/head peering out)

Back in Bizz

(left image, F-22 and P-51 Mustang at Jones Beach Airshow)

Well I’ve decided to start the photography business back in full force. I have a few wedding prospects in the works and hopefully those will come into fruition soon. I am also scheduling shoots with various models and clients for portraits.

I’ve been updating the website as I get the time. I have most of the informational pages up to speed, as well as the front page gallery up with a good number of photos as a starting point. I would like to have 100+ on the front page by the end of the summer.

My 1st maternity portrait is on the 16th of June, so I am researching some technical nuances about that kind of shoot — should be interesting and I am looking forward to the challenge. Check back for more updates as they happen.

One final thought for today…I’ve always wondered who actually reads blogs. I know I don’t usually. I guess this kind of thing is for people who you know and actually care about what you’re up to. Who has the time to read 20 blogs a day or even a week; I mean really. So if you’re here for the 1st time and have no intention of coming back, I understand. But if you want to know what’s going on with the business and our photographic endeavors, then by all means check back from time to time for updates.